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Korin Ry'Vane

Channeler, father to Barran.


Little is known of Korin's past. He is a channeler: a being who is able to access and influence the astral realm to a far deeper degree than the average human. The full range of Korin's abilities are unknown, but it is evident that he can enter the minds of others and influence their spiritual state.

Korin was a friend and mentor to the channeler Vyldain (prior to Vyldain's corruption). Though Korin was far more advanced in skill than Vyldain, the combination of slag's psychic force and Vyldain's channeling ability was too powerful for Korin to handle alone.


When Korin learned of the odd troupe accompanying his lost son, he began to assist them from afar (such as when he encouraged Gerald to "use the sword" in the Frightened Forest). Gathering them all together, he decided to attack Vyldain directly with the full force of the group. Though Korin merged with Kevin in order to defeat Vyldain, his current whereabouts are unknown.

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